Little Swimmers Concord

Check out our reworked website while we’re still getting our new facility ready and stay tuned for our GRAND OPENING announcement!!

At Little Swimmers we focus on the individual child. Our goal is to make our students most comfortable and agile in the water.
We believe that mastering swimming and individual strokes, is a great way to enhance your child’s self esteem, motivation, as well as gross motor skills!

2014_little_swimmers_concordWe offer our swim classes at our new indoor location conveniently located across from Costco in Concord. We are proud to offer 2 professionally maintained saltwater pools – ideal for kids’ sensitive skin and eyes – and heated and kept at a comfortable temperature all year round. With our new facility we are able to offer lessons to siblings simultaneously, as well as back to back, for an easier scheduling of lessons.

As a member of our Little Swimmers program you have access to changing rooms with baby changing stations, rinse off showers and bathroom facilities. You can also enjoy watching your Little Swimmer’s lesson while siblings play in the adjoining, enclosed play area, or take a spin on one of our exercise machines while you watch their lesson on the closed-circuit TV.

Our instructors, Wesley Monteilh, Kristen McCormack, Stephanie Dougherty and Melanie Todd are highly qualified, and extensively experienced in working with kids of all ages. Please visit our Staff page to learn more about their philosophies and accomplishments!

Instruction at Little Swimmers provides well-defined levels of achievement, as well as detailed evaluations of your child’s progress. Our high-quality, low-volume format and focus on the individual Little Swimmer, allows for tailoring of each lesson to their specific needs during our 30 minute or hour-long, semi-private or private lessons.
Whether you are interested in giving your child a basic introduction to swimming, or need help in a specific area, we will work with you to achieve your goal!

If your child is on a swim team, preparing to join one or keeping stamina and technique up between seasons, we will also be able to enhance your child’s progress on the team, through customized focus on speed and technique according to the coaching of the individual team.

Contact us for more information or sign up today!